The Case For Change

Speaking of Good and Enough

Is good enough for now good enough for tomorrow?
That is a simple question to ask. It is also a challenging question. The answer we want to give is so often the wrong answer. And we know it.

Midland’s Open Door had to ask that question of ourselves in the fall of 2011. The Board of Directors looked at everything we were doing, and how far we had come since this ministry began in 1973 with the vision of a Midland pastor and two laymen. “Let’s go to the hurting people and love them,” is the way Rev. Stanley Andersen described it.

The Open Door became a rented house to gather for friendship and fellowship on a Friday night. It became a “coffee house” in a pool hall. It stepped into leadership for jail and prison ministries. It became a permanent shelter on Business 10. We believe God led the Midland churches, and the Midland community to step forward and meet need after need.

Today we are:
  • the only soup kitchen in Midland County, ~46,000+ meals yearly.
  • effective with 90% of contributions going to program costs efficient, food contribution partners enable us to keep food costs to just 17 cents per meal
  • so grateful for the some 350 volunteers who step in to help a crisis shelter and an oasis of restoration to men and women seeking to turn around their lives
  • an overflowing closet of clothing for men and women needing the basics

But is good enough for now good enough for tomorrow?

We cannot afford to answer yes, despite the blessings of gifts and opportunities that God brings to us.

The Apostle Paul wrote in I Corinthians, chapter 9, that the saints ought to run a race so as to win. That can only mean that we should not assume a good pace for now will win the race. Or we can look to so many parables of Jesus that talk of growth and growing. To stop growing is to fall back. It is true for individuals and organizations.

Midland’s Open Door knows there is more to be done. We want to step up to the challenge to be ready to grow for the next 40 years, perhaps more than we have grown since 1973.

Growth means this to the Board of Directors:

  • we strengthen our facilities by keeping up with maintenance and expanding our capability
  • we strengthen our relationships with the individuals who give 54% of our budget
  • we strengthen communications with the community to share our story and purpose
  • we humbly ask God continue to bless us with resources for growth
  • we take steps toward a full time leader that shares a vision for running a good race while coaching a committed team of volunteers
  • we sustain a board unified in purpose and diverse in expertise to protect the ministry

This is how we are saying that we want to strive for good enough for tomorrow.

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