•  Midland Open Door's main building at 412 W Buttles Street
  •  House of Mercy - Women's and Children's Shelter

Crisis Shelters

In our Crisis Shelters, we provide relief for crisis housing situations, not indefinite long-term shelter. During clients' stay at our facilities, we coordinate with local social service agencies, Christian ministries and churches to help our guests find long-term housing and items needed to facilitate their growth and get them back on their feet. We provide a telephone for client use, a copy of the Midland Daily News, an extensive list of resources and when available, Dial-a-Ride tickets to help them find employment, housing and travel to necessary appointments. An average of over 900 nights of crisis housing are provided each month.

We have one dedicated facility for men and one for women and their children. The Men's Shelter houses up to 19 men. Our Women's Shelter (the House of Mercy) houses up to 11 women and children.

For clients who need more time to restore their lives than approximately 30 days, we offer a Restoration Ministry, in which particular care is given to individual case management involving a number of local agencies. This is especially important for clients whose previous life is marked by jail sentences, long periods of homelessness or substance abuse. Eligibility for stays longer than 30 days is based on need, and the amount of engagement a client shows while at shelter. Women in the long-term ("Restoration") program are housed in the same facility as women who are staying only briefly.

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