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Each November, we gather as a community to celebrate the lives changed through the ministry of the Open Door. This year, join us along with our honorary chairs, Dr. Rich and Deb Poupard, on Tuesday, November 19 for a time of food, friendship and fun in support of the most vulnerable in our community.


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Enjoy a delicious gourmet meal and meet the community behind the Open Door. You’ll hear a brief presentation, including a testimonial from a shelter guest, and you’ll learn how you can partner with the Open Door to wisely love and lead broken and complex individuals toward new life in Christ.

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What’s the Distinction Between the Luncheon or Dinner Event?2024-02-29T15:28:00-05:00

The luncheon option is designed to fit within the framework of a one-hour lunch break, so it’s a great choice for individuals with busy schedules. It’s also the perfect opportunity to invite colleagues or other professional connections and introduce them to the incredible community work of the Open Door

The dinner option is a fantastic choice for someone who has a little extra time to enjoy a night of food, fun and philanthropy.

Whichever option you choose, you will still witness the impact of the life-transforming work happening right here in Midland at the Open Door so, whether lunch or dinner, there is no bad choice! 

How Can I Purchase a Ticket?2024-02-29T15:27:33-05:00

You can purchase tickets online here. After purchasing a ticket, your name is added to our entrance list at the door to the event; you will not receive a physical ticket. One less thing for you to remember on your way to Dine on the Door!

Who Can Sponsor Dine on the Door?2024-02-29T15:22:11-05:00

Anyone! Dine on the Door sponsorships are provided by individuals, families, churches, businesses and everything in between. Each event sponsorship comes with promotional opportunities in print and on social media.

What Is a Table Sponsorship?2023-11-20T10:29:59-05:00

A table sponsorship is available to purchase to offset the cost of ten tickets for attendees. If you choose to sponsor a table, you may use those ten tickets to invite guests of your choice to enjoy the event at no cost to them, or you may donate the tickets back to the Open Door. Every table sponsorship, similarly to event sponsorships, comes with promotion opportunities in print and on social media.

How Long is the Event?2023-04-04T09:09:14-04:00

The luncheon event runs exactly one hour; the dinner event runs one and a half hours.

Is There a Dress Code?2023-04-04T09:08:59-04:00

As many individuals attend Dine on the Door during their lunch hour or after work, we recommend dressing in business casual attire.

What If I Purchase a Ticket, But I Need to Cancel?2023-04-04T08:56:38-04:00

We’ve all been there. If, for some reason, you purchase a ticket or even a sponsorship before learning you are unable to attend, please call our office at 989-835-2291 or email us at office@midlandopendoor.org.

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