Midland’s Open Door exists to bring meaningful help and lasting hope to the homeless, hungry, and hurting here in Midland County. This requires a dedicated team of men and women who have been equipped by Christ and called to serve His purpose. We are looking for individuals who have a genuine commitment to Christian ministry and desire to use their gifts, abilities, and talents to serve while carrying out our vision to reach the hungry, homeless, and hurting in our community. Do you think God is leading you to join our team? If so, please prayerfully consider our current employment opportunities, then fill out the  Employment Application and send it, along with your resume, to

Employment Application


The Program Director will be a godly leader whose gifts include teaching and administration. This servant leader will excel in relationship development, maintain multiple initiatives at one time and communicate those initiatives clearly with the team. The ideal candidate will know how to employ creative solutions to teach, motivate and inspire growth in the larger team, while delegating opportunities to develop individual potential. The Program Director will possess an understanding of the complexities of relational poverty, substance abuse, mental health and generational poverty while leading the team in cultural humility and sound biblical counseling.

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The Women’s Shelter Coordinator will be a godly servant leader who delights in wisely loving and leading broken and complex individuals toward new life in Christ. She will be able to model, motivate and inspire growth with her direct reports while maintaining a high-level of self-direction. As a competent and reliable team member, she will model humility, manage creatively, network intentionally and act decisively. She will possess an understanding of, or be open to learning about, the complexities of relational poverty, substance abuse, mental health and socioeconomic cultures while demonstrating a solid aptitude for sound biblical counseling.

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The Outreach Coordinator and Therapist will provide crisis case management services and mental health therapy for our shelter, soup kitchen and community guests. The ideal candidate understands the value of both compassion and accountability in mercy-work and will strive to walk with guests toward short-term and long-term solutions. This individual is naturally a “people person,” with the ability to build a healthy rapport with guests and lead them toward a life of true interdependence.

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Community Life Advisors are on the frontlines of the ministry to the homeless at the Open Door. Often the first person a homeless neighbor comes into contact with, the ideal candidate will enjoy extending hospitality to men, women and children while overseeing the daily operations of the shelter.

Positions Available

Part-time Third Shift at the Men’s Shelter

Part-time Flex at the Women & Children’s Shelter

Full-time Second Shift at the Women & Children’s Shelter

Part-time Second Shift at the Women & Children’s Shelter

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